We believe that it's not only important for our clients to be able to visit their building site regularly but also have the option of going on field trips!

Check out some of our options.

Drive through modern sub divisions with us to check out the different building design styles.

Doing this will give us a better understanding of your tastes, get your imagination going and also give you an opportunity to quizz a certified builder about anything and everything to do with your project in an informal environment.

P.S. Cute puppy driving companion not generally included in this service but can be requested!

field trips

Prelim design stage

We'll have a meeting with our aluminum joinery representative and yourself to discuss:

  • Window designs

  • Colours options

  • Glass options

  • Tint options

We'll work with you and our awesome, custom kitchen joiner planning your cooking space and begin designing your own custom kitchen based on your wants, needs and budget.

Kitchen design stage

You'll be taken on a house tour with Caleb and our local Electrician when it's time to pick where lights, power points placements etc need to be decided. 

Field trips are just one of the ways we help take the fear out and put the fun in for our clients.

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